Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sensual Massage

Hello to all.

I have been approached by several people who want to learn more about what I call “sensual dominance” scenes, for lack of a better term.

I like to define sensual dominance as taking a person to “the zone“, a state of exquisite consciousness where time, space and environment cease to exist, where there is only an elevated concentration on feeling; the feeling of the lightest of sensory inputs.

I find it curious that many people who are sexual often have difficulty receiving sensuality.
A (scary) number of decades ago, I worked at Elysium and Esalen, clothing optional learning centers in California. You might remember Esalen, the 1970’s “touchy-feely” resort made famous by people like singer Joan Baez.

There I taught workshops and seminars on exotic aspects of sexuality such as Tantric sex, Kama Sutra, Sexual Androgeny, multiple orgasm, orgasm control for men, etc.

That took me into working as a sexual surrogate, working as part of a three person team; the surrogate, the mental health professional, and the client who has special needs.Though all that, I found that many people have trouble receiving. It’s as if they resist giving up control of their bodies and minds. They have trouble allowing themselves to drift into erotic consciousness, or “the zone“. Many have a feeling they don't deserve such kind attention.

For those reasons, an Elysium team and I developed what we called “sensual massage,” to facilitate taking a person to the deepest kind of relaxation. This can be the goal in itself, or it can be preparation for sensual sex play.

Sensual massage is one of the greatest gifts a couple can give each other. It breaks down unseen barriers to real intimacy It brings a connection that is almost spiritual.

I would be happy to do this workshop in the near future.

Dean Wixom

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