Sunday, February 24, 2008

Letter to Joan Price, writer and author

Joan Price is the author of"Better Than I Ever Expected", an utterly superb book on the challenges of older age sexuality. This is in response to a query in her blog.


I so admire you and your book.
Please do send me the questionnaire
I will be able to provide some uncommon perspective. I am a 68 year old single male who is enjoying the best sex of a long and very sexually adventurous life.

My diversion from "normal" began in my early twenties when I took and later taught classes at the now departed (and sorely missed) Elysium, a spiritual learning center in L.A.
I took, then taught classes in sensual massage, androgeny, and sexual subjects in general. The first major epiphany of my life came when a workshop participant told me "You are a sexy and beautiful man". I was totally taken aback. I sputtered some kind of a "thank you" and spent a sleepless night wondering what she meant. All my life I had been overweight, socially inept, and ignored. I had always been the invisible guy, the guy no one remembered having been at a party. I finally deduced that she was talking. about the inner me, the compassionate and caring me.

Well! If skills, knowledge and caring made ME sexy and beautiful, I would acquire all the skills and knowledge that I could! I became a "lifelong student of a beautiful artform" as once described by a lover.

I can now relate to anyone. I can validate anyone’s “special needs” with knowledge and skill.

Most importantly I have learned how to “tune in” to my partner, to feel what they feel, and know where they want to go. With the right partner, we can soar way beyond the ordinary to a place that that transcends time and space,. a place where our minds as well as our bodies are in unison, a place of spiritual retreat. This could not have been when I was 30 or even 50. I simply was not mature then. I hadn't fully "grown up".

So do send the questionnaire. You are welcome to use any or all of the above. I would welcome any further inquiries or just conversation. I do have a unique perspective and feel a need to share it with other seniors.

Again, I greatly respect you and the work you do.

Nolan Dean Wixom
aka capttop

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